1. How did you get into the creative industry? Did you study it at school?

Yes. I have a degree in Industrial design and I also studied drawing and painting as a kid. I started my career working as webdesigner in 1999 until doing illustrations as freelancer for friends and small companies. In 2007 I quitted my full time job and started my full time freelancer career working mainly with illustration.

  1. Who inspires you? Do you have a favourite artist or people you work closely with?

I’m simply passionate by art history so my inspiration becomes from great masters like Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Goya among many others. I love figurative art and illustration so anything related with figures and drawing inspire me. Any kind of beauty also inspire me. Small things just a sunny day or a beautiful flower can inspire me to sit and start to draw.

  1. Did you ever think you would be at the point you are now?

I’m a dreamer. I’m always imagining my future and there are so many things to accomplish yet. I’m not even in the beggining of my jorney. I had not reached the “point” yet.

  1. How do you find clients? Is it easy finding work in the creative industry?

Clients find me. I just make my drawings and share it with people and eventually someone need something with my style. It’s not the best approach to business. I’m the worst business man ever.

  1. What is the hardest aspect of pricing your work?

Listen NO from client :)

No.. really! Pricing the job is not a very hard task. I calculate the time and effort that will be spend in the project and we try to find a price that work for both. Sometimes the client has a pre-defined budget and in this case I just have to agree (or disagree) and begin the job.

  1. Have you worked with an agent? If so what is it like and would you recommend it?

Yes. I have two agents at the moment and they help me a lot with the dirt aspect of the job like payments, speaking with clients or even setup an online store, etc. They are very helpful for someone like me that hate numbers and love art :)

  1. What is it like on a normal working day for you, like a “day in the life of”?

I wake up like 8 a.m, check my mail, read the news and make some exercises (3x times a week). Midday I have a lunch than I sit on my computer and begin the creative day. I draw for 8 hours while opening spaces in my day to talk on telephone, play video games and read books. I go to bed like 1 a.m.

I have tons of rules to not lost myself in freedom. Freedom can be your worst enemy if you don’t know how to control it.

  1. What piece of work do you feel most defined you as an artist and why?

There is not a single piece that define me. Not even all the works I made together can define me because I’m in a constant process of mutation. I’m not the same guy that drew that woman head yesterday. However I have a way to do things and you can define me by this style but I’m not really it.

  1. Have you always worked in this style? How did you develop your work?

No. In 35 years I made tons of experiments and changed my style dozen times. If you search on the web and look my works from 2007 you will see a very different style. Well.. the style is the same but different. I don’t know how explain but I see my early work as a rough. And I know that in 20 years I will see my actual works as a draft.

I’m developing my work just working. I love to draw and I do it a lot and when you do a lot of one thing it will develop.. you liking it or not